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Address: 29 Fox Street Wynnum QLD 4178

Postal Address: PO Box 268, Wynnum QLD 4178

Phone: +61 7 3893 4528


Holly Smith, General Manager 

Wendy O’Brien, Managing Director

Shane Bruun, Managing Director 

Tammy O’Keefe, Support Coordinator

Micah Fraser, Community Hub Manager


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Our latest fundraising venture is providing a heated pool for our clients.

We have the pool and hoist, now we want to install a heater and pool cover to reduce the costs of our clients accessing external weekly therapies and provide more opportunity and flexibility at our own venue. Currently used for six months of the year, it would be great to have an all year round opportunity for fun and therapy.



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Donate to our Hub

Our COMMUNITY HUB is open and running. However, we still have so much to do to get this space running at its full potential. We are currently seeking all donations towards finishing off the Community Hub garden.